Airport Security

Cargo Custody

El reglamento RDGAC 1544.190 states that: cargo, mail, and supplies must be under constant surveillance during all stages of a cargo operation in order to prevent acts of unlawful interference. With more than 15 years of experience in this area, we offer this service at the main airports in Ecuador, we ensure the quality of our service from the moment the cargo is handled to us until total completion of the operation.

Aircraft Custody

the time on which an aircraft is considered non-operating is commonly regarded as a stage of relative to none movement, however its still a very sensitive phase regarding aviation security and the overall operational safety of a flight, should surveillance of a non-operative aircraft be taken lightly , safety of the whole operation could be compromised as well as the lives of passengers and staff as demonstrated on various occasions during aviation history That’s why, always following the safety protocols and regulations stablished by our local authority we provide this service with the caution and care required for such a sensible task.

Passenger Assistance

One of the many responsibilities of a security agent is to make the passengers passage from the check-in counter to the aircraft gate easier, and provide help when required and able to do so. We work with bilingual and highly trained staff, able to provide Lobby and interview services while providing a comfortable environment for the passenger.