Private Security

Physical Security

Physical Security is the ensemble of mechanisms destined to detect and prevent risks, with the final goal of protecting goods or property. We offer this service based always on the peace of mind of our clients, our staff is meticulously selected and constantly trained to meet and exceed industry standards

Electrical Security

With the continuous advance of technology, more sophisticated surveillance equipment is being developed with the purpose of detecting intruders in a quick and efficient way. By obtaining live images via our surveillance equipment our staff is able to instantly give alarm or advise of any detected abnormality, intensifying both the quality of our control and the tranquility of our clients.

Safety Inspection

A safety inspection is a technique that consists in analyzing via direct observation both installations and safety procedures of a facility to identify the existing dangers and evaluate the various risks present at all stations.

Aerial Surveillance

With the recent advances in technology, Unmanned air vehicles or Drones, have become widely available and have expanded their use into various fields of work. By obtaining live images from above, one can detect a greater number of threats, cover more distance and keep an overall better control of an area. We provide aerial surveillance at the client´s request, for which we operate with the latest equipment available to the public.