KDT FORZA ALERTA SEGURIDAD CIA. LTDA. is a company dedicated to both private and airport security services, deeply focused on providing a quality service that meets the needs and budget of each particular client, while fulfilling all stablished protocols and norms.


Founded in 1996 in Guayaquil, its main purpose was to provide services to the Shrimp industry, during these years the company offered to watch and patrol the various installations and goods owned by various fishing companies. Later in the year 2005 the company decided to expand its field of work towards aviation security where it thrives to this day, operating in all the major airports within the country.


: Change the quality standards of the national market regarding private security, protection services, and VIP protection. While being an optimal and strategical partner to both airlines and general employers in 2021, remain guided by our very high ethical principles and professionalism.


Provide a quality service with high efficiency and meticulosity in our procedures, increasing the company’s rentability, working with highly qualified and motivated staff, providing immediate attention and technological innovation, and always having the efficiency and quality of the service given to our clients as our goal and guide.

Ventajas Competitivas


KDT has 24 years of history during which has maintained an impeccable record with all the clients that it has worked with.


KDT infrastructure expands through all the main cities within the country and its fully capable of operating at any point, in any place where its services are required

Technological Innovation

KDT is always looking to provide an excellent service, that’s why in search of constant innovation the company keeps acquiring new technologies such as drones and non-lethal weapons.

BASC and DGAC Certified

KDT has been a certified member of BASC since 2016.
We’re also certified by the DGAC to offer AVSEC services.